Pausing for Tango Magic

Stop for a moment and consider the pause.  In so many parts of life we are sagely advised to put reactions on hold to open space for reflection, understanding, appreciation, creativity. In tango, too, you can open up space for magic to enter. A pause can be used to release tension, build tension, end something, find our partner, enter the music more deeply, change the energy, or just take a beautiful breath.

There are so many things that can happen with a pause. It makes a great topic for practice. The next time you practice try some of the following:

  • Observe how comfortable on uncomfortable you are in a pause. How long can you linger?
  • Notice how pausing affects your connection with your partner. What do you notice about the embrace?
  • Is your mind racing while your feet are pausing? Notice if your thoughts are in the future trying to plan your next step.
  • How is your balance? Notice if you are tensing up. Make yourself comfortable.
  • Once you have stopped stepping, how can the music still live on between partners?
  • Once you have stopped stepping, can you hear when the music calls you to go again?
  • Can you hear when the music begins calling you to a pause?
  • Try really long and frequent pauses; make a song all about the pauses.
  • Try pauses that you slide into vs sudden pauses.

Thanks for taking a moment in your day to consider the beauty of a timely pause. Happy dancing!